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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I'm currently filming a new animal communication course and I'm loving it! Putting it all together is not only fun, it reminds me of how connected the world & nature really is.

Today I'm filming a short lecture on the scientific aspect - the research etc. I'm not a traditional scientist by any means, so a lot of terminology goes right over my head. However I am able to discern the results from abstracts and what makes sense to me. Thank goodness for publications that can present the research, so it makes sense to all of us.

I'm fascinated at the moment by role of spindle cells in humpback whales! Yes you read me correctly. We all have them in specific parts of the brain and in 2006, researchers discovered them in the same structures of the brain in humpback whales, as human animals.

The cells occur in parts of the human brain that are thought to be responsible for our social organisation, empathy, speech, intuition about the feelings of others, and rapid “gut” reactions. All this is key to successful communication between species and it does appear to demonstrate that we as humans are not so different from our animal friends!

Back to creating the lectures but here is short video example from the soon to be completed course in natural animal communication.

Learn Natural Animal Communication here

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