I hadn’t realised - I thought it was normal!

Updated: Jan 8

I’m known throughout the spiritual community as many things (some I wouldn’t repeat on here) - no seriously though and joking aside, I am widely known as an Animal Communicator amongst many other aspects of intuitive work


Such a role has brought tremendous significance to my life and hopefully helped a few animals along the way too. What I had forgotten was just how natural it all was and I had forgotten something so significant. I imagine it was because it is a natural thing that I forgot - I took it as red!

In my early 20’s, I lived in a small flat in York surrounded by parkland. With my partner at the time, we often used to go for long walks and would drop into the RSPCA on the way and offer to walk any dogs that needed it. We enjoyed it and I’m sure it was a relief for them (staff and dogs).

On one occasion, they asked if we could take on a 16 week old pup who had been found starving and wandering the streets with her mother. The mother had been rehomed, but this baby was pining and lonely.

We said we would give it a trial. The flat was small but we had access to a lot of outside space. Juno (as we named her) was so loving and gentle. She was crossed between a German Shepard, a Border Collie and a Greyhound! What a mix - but what a gorgeous dog. We bonded very quickly and she was well trained. Her previous abandonment resulted in her having terrible digestion and it took time and patience to find the right diet and to put her into the healthy weight range. We got there and had 7 wonderful years with Juno, before she succumbed to a brain tumour.

Juno's favourite bed was under the worktop in the kitchen. it was close to the radiator pipes - so a nice warm spot.

One evening, after a very long walk along the river Ouse, Juno was snoring in her bed in the kitchen, whilst I watched some TV. I visualised her waking up and walking into the room and sitting next to my chair. As I thought it, she stopped snoring and did just that! It felt a bit spooky but I just put it down to coincidence.

A few nights later, again snoring in her bed I thought about this incident and visualised her walking in the room sitting in front of me and holding up her paw. On cue she did just that!

I experimented many times, visualising her doing things and she always responded accurately to my visualisations, without any words, commands or tantalising dog treats. It appeared we had a telepathic link!

I took it for granted. It was our 'normal' and it wasn't until I understood the telepathic aspect of animal communication, later in life that I realised how natural it all was.

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